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Beginning the day with a positive message is the only way to go, and the elementary school was given that opportunity when the NED program came to CVC on Wednesday morning.

The entire elementary school gathered on the basketball court and listened attentively as Nate from the NED organization engaged them with his encouraging message and enthralled them with fun yoyo tricks.

The NED organization travels around the United States, offering inspiration to students to Never give up, Encourage others and Do your best. The speaker pairs that message with some comedy and impressive yoyo tricks, and of course the students are entertained!

CVC principal, Mr. Fakkema, was contacted by the NED organization and he accepted their offer of a free presentation because of the positive message. He was not able to specify that the presenter be a Christian but in God’s providence, a Christian, Nate, was sent to talk to the CVC students. Nate was able to change the message he usually presents to include the Christian message.

Another cool thing about the NED program is that it is a “pay it forward” organization. Students are given the opportunity to buy trick yoyos and the sale of those yoyos goes towards paying for the presentation at the next school.

There were many kids who enjoyed playing with their new yoyos and repeating the message that Nate brought to our school. If an elementary school student was asked what the NED program was about, even a few months later, he or she could probably repeat the catchy acronym without hesitation.

Thank you to the NED program for offering a positive and entertaining way to remember that Christians are called to treat others with kindness and respect and to do the best with the gifts God has given to us!

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