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Anytime I can eat for a cause, I’m in. That’s why on Labor Day morning you could have found me eating a dairyman-size stack of pancakes in the name of CVC sports.

As a “newbie” to the CVC community, I wandered on to the elementary campus with an appetite (because I always have one) and a camera (because I’m CVC’s new marketing director) but no real CVC experience.

The unmistakable smell of breakfast assured me that this was definitely the time to get to know some CVC traditions through first-hand experience!   I was greeted by smiling faces, a fast-moving pancake line, and some introductory fellowship with other community members.

CVC board member Rich VanderTuig served my plate full of pancakes, sausage and eggs and explained to me his role as head of the Booster’s Club. Other Booster’s Club members were prepping more food, working the pay table and ensuring that all the cheerleader volunteers were doing their cleanup job thoroughly.

As I ate, I chatted with volleyball coach Megan Werkintein and her son Jake and was greeted by many Sierra Village residents, as well as coworkers like Superintendent DeLeeuw and even my church pastor!

I watched as students and Boosters, parents and children, grandparents and friends, joined together in support of CVC (…and sports and pancakes).

It was clear community is important at CVC. Just like any new relationship, the new connections I made over syrup and pancakes started with doses of small talk – but underneath that lies the common and deep understanding that we all believe in the power of Christian education (athletics included!) in children’s lives.

Think about that for a second next time you sit next to someone you don’t know in this community and let it be the springboard for your new relationships – just the way it was for mine.

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