What Teachers Wish Parents Knew

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If you could read our minds, parents…

We asked our teachers what they wish parents knew. From humorous to heartwarming, here’s what they came up with:

  • We won’t believe everything your children tell us about you, if you don’t believe everything your children tell you about us.”

  • I appreciate the trust parents place in me, allowing me to spend the day loving and teaching their child at school.”

  • I recently read in the book, The Educated Child by Finn, Cribb and Bennett, ‘The more reading children do at home, the more likely they are to do well in school.’ Additionally, ‘Children learn to read by reading. It takes lots of practice. Many American schoolchildren, however, read ten or fewer pages a day for school and homework combined. That is simply not enough experience to turn your child into a really strong reader. He needs to be reading at home every day.’”

  • Coffee mugs are great gifts, but gift cards are better!”

  • “I think it’s pretty cool that I get paid to spend my days with young people talking about God.”

  • “Recess/break is just as important to teachers as it is to kids.”

  • I wish parents could hear the sweet prayer requests their children come up with. We can learn so much from their trust and child-like faith.”

  • “Please don’t allow your child to bring toys, watches, necklaces, scarves, hats, to school if they can’t keep their hands off of them. They will be totally distracted with these items all day long!”

  • “Sometimes grading takes a while, please be patient!”

    Parent and Kid posing for the photo

  • “We refer to your kids as our kids. Yep, even current first-graders who I had as students will always be ‘one of my kids.’”

  • Even old veteran [teachers] don’t get as much sleep the night before the first day of school, but they aren’t as concerned about the wardrobe!


  • “I wish parents understood how much their kids want to please them.”

  • “I wish parents knew that despite the chaos and busyness and seeming anarchy that accompany adolescence, the bedrock conviction underlying the madness and the way we do things is that we care for their kids with a fierce type of love that wants, more than anything, to see them thrive and reach their full potential as Christ followers.”

  • “I wish parents understood the value of giving a child times and opportunities to play without being so over-scheduled.”


  • “At the beginning of the semester there are very few grades in a grade book so poor performance early on one small assignment makes some parents think their child will for sure fail the class.”

  • “I wish parents could see how kind their kids can be.”


  • I wish parents knew that children never outgrow the need to be read to.”

  • “Their school day is longer than you’d think.”

  • “I wish parents knew that taking a child out of school for vacations is frustrating to teachers, and in the end, it’s the hardest for the child. Class time is as important for kindergarteners as it is for high schoolers.”

  • “We have had children eat their whole lunch during first recess time, so we teach ‘What is a snack?’ very early on in the year.”
  • “It melts a teachers heart to hear their students praising God and to see them grow in their faith throughout the year.”

  •  “As teachers at CVC we are so blessed to have families who support what we do, who pray for us, who pitch in when help is needed, and who genuinely care about their child’s teachers and their classmates.  We appreciate all that our parents do!”

  • “I wish parents could see how hungry their kids are at recess! Snacks are seriously a necessity for seven-year-olds. =)”

  • “We love to spoil our kids when we can–and often leave our Target Dollar Spot and Hobby Lobby bags in the car so we don’t have to explain our extra purchases to our spouses!”


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