Cavalier Preview: Traditionally Speaking

Fourth Grade’s Family Traditions
We asked a few CVC 4th Graders to share what their families enjoy doing for the holidays!


My family’s New Year’s Eve tradition is that sometimes my family and friends the Hanses go up to Shaver. That day we go up to where the snow is and either ski or sled. They have a great ski lodge to ski up. The first time we went there on New Year’s Eve. I went on a ski lift. That night we pop open apple cider, take pictures, and play Spoons.
-Grace Van Velson

We always go to Illinois for Thanksgiving. Also my grandparents always come for Christmas and we make cookies and string popcorn. For New Year’s we celebrate my grandma’s birthday at midnight, then in the morning we watch the rose parade.
-Samantha Wilson

For Christmas we always have a bag with all our cousin’s names in it and then we get to…pick one piece of paper, and whichever name you get, you have to give them a poem you wrote and a present that they put on their Christmas list. Then we go to our Oma’s usually and we say it in front of all our cousins.
-Haylie deJong

“Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe.” (Hebrews 12:28)

During the holidays, our family goes to my grandma’s house and sets up a Christmas village, with porcelain buildings and dolls. When that’s done, we put fake snow on the whole village. On New Year’s we watch the big ball drop on TV and my dad sometimes makes milkshakes.
-Wesley Sabourin

On New Year’s we watch the ball drop and then when it does we shoot confetti poppers. And then we sleep.
-Megan George

My Thanksgiving tradition with my family is we eat in our dining room and have a big Thanksgiving dinner and we tell each other what we are thankful for, we thank God for all he’s done for us.
-Ella Burton

For Christmas I open presents with family. We ride our bikes, too. For Thanksgiving we have a big dinner and ride our bikes. For New Year’s we have our friends over, too. We watch the New Year’s ball drop.
-Austin Vander Tuig

On Christmas my family opens presents on Christmas Eve, so that on Christmas we can sleep in. On Thanksgiving my family goes to the Turkey Trot.
-Ezra Schuyler


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