The role of Technology at CVC

At CVC we believe that students can make the greatest impact for Christ when they are equipped with the tools and skills necessary to engage their world. Technology is a growing part of our students’ lives, and staying true to our mission statement, we seek to connect Biblical truth with everyday living by encouraging responsible behavior while preparing our students for the world ahead.

CVC incorporates technology in the classroom in all grade levels. The elementary grades have dedicated time each week in the computer lab, and learn skills including library searches, online safety, Office applications, and photo stories. Middle School students and High School students are given a school email account that they can use with the full suite of Google tools in a controlled manner to email other students and teachers and create and share documents. Jr. High students even create wordpress blogs for their classes. High School students use technology daily to research and create content for their classes. In addition to a Freshman Computer Apps class, the High School also offers a machines and microcontrollers class and a graphic arts/video production class.

Each classroom has a digital projector capable of displaying content from a computer or wirelessly from the teacher’s iPad to allow the teacher to be among the students while still demonstrating topics to the class. Teachers across all grade levels have access to an iPad cart they can reserve to take advantage of creative apps and engaging tools for their classes.

  • Nathan De Groot Technology Integration and Computer Applications

    (559) 734-2684 ext. 258

  • Ben Houseward
    Ben Houseward Director of Technology

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1:1 program

As a part of our Technology initiative, CVC’s Technology Committee is expanding our 1:1 (one device for every student) program to all students in grades 7 through 12 for the 2017-2018 school year. Students in grades 4-8 will have access to a laptop cart for each grade level, and students in grades K-3 make use of classroom iPads.

Students in grades 7-12 will be provided a Chromebook through donations unrelated to tuition, so there will be no cost to parents or students. This will allow our teachers to make use of online tools like Google apps, web content, and Chrome extensions without the distraction of leaving their classroom for a computer lab. Each device will have web content filtering enabled 24/7, and students can have personalized access to classroom content while away from school.

CVC has been using G Suite for Education for over 10 years and the recent introduction of Chromebooks to the education sector is an excellent way to further take advantage of the tools our teachers and students are already using. We’re excited for the possibilities this adds to our current curriculum, and where it will take our students!

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Additional technology resources

Student email account information
Student email account information

CVC provides email accounts for all students in grades 4-12. Below the High School level communication is limited to addresses within only, and Google+ accounts are disabled. Read more about your student email account here.

Student technology acceptable use policy
Student technology acceptable use policy

CVC strives to help our students engage the world around them in a manner that respects those around them.

CVC Laptop video
CVC Laptop video

As a part of our Technology initiative, CVC’s Technology Committee is expanding our 1:1 program to all students in grades 7 through 12. This video demonstrates the use and care of the device.


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