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October 21, 2014, marked the first time four students from CVC were selected and three participated in the County of Tulare’s Explore Your Future Day.

The purpose of the Explore Your Future Day is to give students the opportunity at a hands-on experience as well as the chance to discover what types of careers are available within the county. Open to juniors and seniors, the students from CVC participated in job shadowing a mentor that has either volunteered or been selected because of their work ethic, quality, and enthusiasm for fostering a good relationship with the students.

Ruby Koetsier (Public Defender’s Office), Blake Rocha (District Attorney’s Office), and Michael Chapman (Sheriff’s Department) were able to spend their days in these various offices in order to “get the feel” for what these careers might be like.

Ruby’s experience in the Public Defenders office was excellent and eye opening.

“It was really fun. I want to be a lawyer and that gave me the chance to see what is would really be like.”

When asked if there was anything that happened which she did not expect she noted,

“I was able go to the judge’s chamber and see the prosecuting and defense lawyers discuss the case. I was surprised because they were professional and treated each other well. They actually seemed to like each other.”

While Ruby spent her day at the Public Defender’s Office, Blake went to the District Attorney’s Office. Like Ruby, he was able to leave the day with confidence in his post-CVC decision.

“It helped me feel confident in selecting a major and ultimately a career,” said Blake. Blake definitely wants to attend law school, but found the experience raised one particular question in his mind:

“It made me wonder how one can be a defense attorney and a Christian at the same time,” said Blake. The experience caused him to think about how he might potentially be put in a situation where his faith and his job may conflict.

Michael Chapman was selected to spend the day in the Sheriff’s Department and travelled from station to station while getting a glimpse a Crime Scene Investigations and SWAT training. He was able to see many hands-on parts of the job.

“There was a really cool simulator that put an officer in different situations for training,” said Michael.

When asked if this was a worthwhile experience, all three gave a resounding “Yes!” It helped each of them with decisions that they are facing in their futures and helped to put them on the path for their careers.

A big thanks to our guidance counselor, Mrs. Reeves, for setting up this great opportunity!

Bethany Wierenga was selected to visit the Public Health Emergency Preparedness/Environmental Health but was unable to participate.






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