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A volunteer is an adult, 18 years or older, who participates in CVC activities, either on-campus or off, with a distinct duty or assignment through a CVC club, committee or organization that falls under CVC jurisdiction. We do not consider staff members or current students in this volunteer description. All volunteers are unpaid.
In contrast, a visitor is someone who comes onto CVC’s campus of their own volition, to visit with students, staff and/or faculty on a non-regular basis.

Please proceed to fill out the form if you plan to volunteer in any capacity this year. These background checks are valid for three years. In lieu of signing the last page of the handbook, we are considering your participation in our background check to be your agreement to abide by the guidelines in the handbook.

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Volunteer Opportunities

Room Parent

Do you want to plan some party games or bring some snacks?


Want to spend one or two days each month monitoring students at recess?


Would you like to serve lunch once a month?


Do you like to listen to kids read aloud? Contact your child’s teacher to see how you can be helpful in the classroom.


Can you spare three hours a month to help with healthcare?


Can you shelve books and check out new ones to eager young readers?


Would you like to learn more about Central Valley Christian Schools? Fill out the form and we will get in touch with you.

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