Summer Is Coming: Budget-Friendly Ideas to Keep Kids Busy

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Spring has taken over the colder winter days, and we’re well on the way to summer. It’s the time of year no one can resist: The days are long, the sun shines constantly, and there’s a lot of fun to be had! With the onset of summer close by, many parents start to wonder what to do to keep their kids entertained throughout what often feels like an endless three months. You don’t want to keep your kid glued to a screen all day, but sometimes just sending your kids into the backyard isn’t enough. When your imagination is running dry and you need some inspiration to keep your kids busy through the summer months, look no further. At Central Valley Christian Schools in Visalia, we have a few kid-friendly ideas up our sleeves to help keep you un-frazzled and your kids fully entertained. Keep reading!

1. Add a twist to timeless games.

Sure, your kids can play yet another round of UNO or Go-Fish, but what about spicing things up a bit and offering them a fun way to take things to a new level? For example, why not make them play a blown up version of Scrabble…in the pool? Take some sponges, write letters with a permanent marker, and toss them in the pool! They’ll float around and your kids will have hours of fun. Or move Twister outside and involve your kids in making the game. All you need are markers, scissors, poster paper, and spray paint. The instructions can be found right here! Finally, why not play Bananagrams, but on a massive level? You can cut out the letters together and play in your backyard, staying busy for hours.

2. Visit the library.

Libraries are an often underrated part of your local town. Full of books, games, and hidden gems, the library is a great way to spend the better part of the day. If you have a library within reasonable distance, why not spend the day there with your kids? Many libraries have expanded in recent years, offering not just books, but also CDs, movies, video games, and much more. Keep an eye on your local library’s website or Facebook page—they could also be hosting kid-friendly events!

3. Pay a visit to the dollar store.

The dollar store is the place for hidden gems. Ranging from all kinds of artsy supplies to materials for building a birdhouse, your local dollar store is a great place to let your kids’ imaginations run wild. On a lazy summer day, why not give each kid $3-5 and let them choose items to make a project out of? The sky is the limit here: It could be a painting, a sculpture, a mish-mash of products you’d never have thought of, or something totally different! The goal is to be as creative as possible, and the dollar store is a great place to do just that.

4. Go on an indoor camping trip.

This is a surefire way to keep your kids busy for a whole day! Start by building a tent or fort out of blankets in your living room or den, or maybe set up an actual tent if you have one. Then, give your kids as much freedom as possible to have an adventure. Give them flashlights, snacks, books, walkie-talkies, and whatever else tickles your fancy. They’ll have the time of their lives exploring the unknown—especially without adult supervision.

5. Make a scrapbook.

So you’ve spent all summer letting your imagination soar. There’s just one problem: You’re afraid you’ll forget all the great memories. Make sure that doesn’t happen this summer by letting your kids start a scrapbook to document all the fun adventures they’ve been on. Buy them an empty scrapbook and let them design to their heart’s content. They can fill them up with all sorts of memorabilia, including photographs, drawings, tickets, and much more. The best part about scrapbooks is you can use a wide variety of art tools to decorate them, there’s no wrong way to make those memories that will last a lifetime!

These are just some ideas to help you start thinking of ways to keep your kids engaged over the summer months. There are countless more arts and crafts ideas, as well as outdoor expeditions. Keep an eye on your local town agenda for other kid-friendly ideas and activities you can attend as a family, as there are almost always events you may have missed! At Central Valley Christian Schools, we believe that family bonding time is an important step each family should make time for, so don’t hesitate to ask us for more tips and ideas so the whole family can have fun!

For more kid-friendly summer ideas, get in touch today!

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