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Alfred Lopes, 8th grade

A new school year brings new changes to CVC. Some are relatively small, like a change in the Rescue Mission schedule. Others are bigger, like a mural or a fresh face at the Middle School. One of those changes affects the Middle School chapel experience.

Many students have taken classes at Fusion School of Music, a school that teaches students how to play guitar, piano, drums, bass, violin, how to sing, how to write songs, manage sound equipment – anything a budding Christian musician needs.

This year, Fusion began to also offer a new class for musicians who wanted to gain more experience or use their talents to worship God with singing. Dubbed Rock Band, this group of Middle School students performs practiced songs in the Middle School chapel.

I sat down with the singer, Julianne Taylor, and a CVC teacher, Mr. Vander Schaaf, to ask them their opinions, feelings, and view of Rock Band.


Me: What are some things you really love about Rock Band?

Julianne: I love how it all flows together and how we can get a lot of stuff done even though we goof off a lot. I also love how this is something we can do at school.

Mr. Vander Schaaf: I love to see young people use their musical talents for the Lord.


Me: What kind of songs does the Rock Band sing?

Julianne: Christian songs, some of them praise and worship, some of them pop. My personal favorite is “Oceans” by Hillsong United.

Mr. Vander Schaaf: Christian praise and worship. My favorite is “We Believe” by Newsboys.


Me: In your own words, sum up the Rock Band.

Julianne: An amazing experience- it’s cool to see what talents we have that we can use to express through music and praise to God. Everyone on the team is really talented and the whole thing has just exceeded my expectations.

Mr. Vander Schaaf: So far, they have done very well. I really appreciate the band member’s enthusiasm and obvious joy in this effort.


Me: What would you say to people who would consider joining Rock Band?

Julianne: It’s a really cool experience. The class costs a little, but the class is totally worth it.

Mr. Vander Schaaf: Do it.



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