Preschool Staff

  • Ms. Ana
    Ms. Ana Dragonfly Class
  • Ms. Melissa
    Ms. Melissa Ladybug Class
  • Ms. Cassie
    Ms. Cassie Ladybug Class
  • Ms. Noami
    Ms. Noami Dragonfly Class, Nurse Assistant
  • Ms. Olivia
    Ms. Olivia Caterpillar Class
  • Ms. Monica
    Ms. Monica Caterpillar Class
  • Ms. Sally
    Ms. Sally Bumblebee Class
  • Ms. Kathy
    Ms. Kathy Bumblebee Class
  • Ms. Renee Preschool Director
  • Ms. Allison
    Ms. Allison Bumblebee Class
  • Ms. Nina
    Ms. Nina Ladybug Class
  • Ms. Nasee
    Ms. Nasee Dragonfly Class

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