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Goals of Central Valley Christian High School

Goal: God at the Center
The educational goals of CVCHS guide the total curriculum. Students are transformed into a new nature of loving God and their neighbor. Students will redirect their focus to one that is God centered, so they can live lives of obedience to the will of God (Romans 12:1-3).

Goal: A Love for Learning
Students of CVCHS will be taught to develop a love for lifelong learning. The students will be stimulated to an intellectual curiosity through investigating what God has created and what he has enabled man to develop and discover. The joy of intellectual discovery will be nurtured in our students.

Goal: Developing a Value System
Our students will learn to discern Christian values. Students will grow in Christian wisdom by being guided to biblically based standards so they demonstrate that Jesus Christ is the Lord of their lives (Philippians 1:9-11).

Goal: Reflected in the High School Curriculum
Students of CVCHS will continue to develop the skills needed in the pursuit of learning in all curricular areas. The emphasis will be on synthesizing, applying, and implementing what has been taught in the lives of our students. An atmosphere conducive to the development of social skills will be provided. Aesthetic sensitivity will be promoted through the arts and other forms of self expression. The school will seek to provide creative expression through extra curricular activities. Special needs and abilities may be discovered through standardized testing and/or individual counseling. The school will seek to promote the ESLRs throughout its community.


Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLRs):

The ESLRs for Central Valley Christian High School recognize the Bible as the basis of all understanding.  As a result of their learning at CVC, we expect students to be able to…

1. READ.  Students can read, with comprehension, the Bible, the newspaper, and documents essential to the Christian life and productive citizenship.

2. COMMUNICATE.  Students can write and speak clearly enought o effectively communicate their own ideas and the truths of the Bible, whether in church or in society.

3. SOLVE PROBLEMS.  Students can use knowledge from general revelation (math, science), human culture (history, languages), and a special revelation (the Bible), to find answers and solve problems in their personal lives and in the workplace.

4. CREATE AND BUILD.  Students have had an opportunity to discover a skill, a craft, an academic discipline, or an art through which they can express themselves, glorify God, and bring blessing to others.

5. SERVE.  Students will be intellectually and academically equipped to serve God and others in the church, home and community

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