Let me tell you what God has done here

In the early afternoon sunshine on Friday, October 17, a little over a thousand people – visiting

parents and grandparents, students, faculty and staff – congregated on the grass on the north

side of the middle school. A long white sheet of butcher paper held up with blue painter’s tape

stretched over the center of the building, the first building ever erected on the CVC campus. The

crowd counted down from ten and the butcher paper was torn away to reveal the 35th

Anniversary mural in beautifully detailed tiles of hand-painted blue and white.


The mural, conceived and designed by high school art teacher Kevin Langmaack, was the result

of several months of planning and countless hours of diligent and painstaking painting. For

Kevin, it was a labor of love designed to demonstrate God’s faithfulness to CVC over the last

thirty-five years.


About a year ago, around the beginning of November in 2013, Kevin first began ruminating on

the idea of a mural to tell the story of CVC. When he was asked by Doug and Bernita Vander

Schaaf, chairs of the 35th Anniversary committee, to be a part of the planning process, he

brought his idea along.


By January he had begun the arduous task of hand painting the border titles in light and dark

blue, reminiscent of Delft blue pottery. The choice of color was deliberate, Doug Vander Schaaf

explained, as a subtle way to demonstrate the heritage of the school, the heritage that sets the

backdrop for the mission of CVC.


After the committee decided to move forward with the mural, Kevin spent several weeks

gathering ideas for the design. He wanted to mural to be more than just a representation of the

history of CVC, but also a representation of “God’s leading and God’s work.” He wanted to

choose “events that [would make it] easy to recognize that it was God’s leading and his hand”

that guided CVC through the last thirty-five years.


In order to help emphasize the idea of the Holy Spirit working behind the scenes throughout

CVC’s existence, Kevin hid thirty-five doves in the mural design. It is a part of the design that he

is most excited about. Kevin said,

“I hope that when people see [the mural] they are amazed at God’s faithfulness to our school…I

really hope that when people look at it they can’t help but be overflowing with thankfulness to

God for what he has done here.”


Doug Vander Schaaf, the middle school principal, describes the purpose of the mural this way:

“I see the mural as something the Bible depicts as standing stones, a marker you raise up to tell

people what God has accomplished, a way of saying ‘let me tell you what God has done here.’”


If you have not seen the mural for yourself, visit it on the north side of the middle school

building. There, on CVC’s original building, completed so many years ago by faithful volunteers,

you will hopefully find yourself “strengthened in the faith…and overflowing with thankfulness”

(The New International Version, Col. 2:7) for God’s faithfulness to CVC.


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