It’s Official: Sunrise for the 2015 CVC Seniors

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Seniorsunrise-HS-40Sunrise, new beginnings, excitement, a bit of nervousness, and more all described the Senior Sunrise event held at the CVC stadium on August 29.

In typical senior fashion, students trickled in as the sun was just peeking over the mountains, some a bit tired after a huge football win the night before. Students gathered to worship, hear the Word, enjoy friendships and to look forward to their year ahead together.

Last year, then-senior Emily Byrd started the CVC Senior Sunrise tradition.

“She [Emily] had a desire to have a time when the seniors could meet and dedicate their senior year to serving God and having a unified class,” said high school math teacher Mr. Byrd.

“She also wanted the seniors to have a time to kick off their last year together. They used the sunrise as a symbol to kick off their senior year and at the end of the year they have a senior sunset dinner as a way to culminate their year together.”

This year’s early morning began with senior Megan Borges leading the class in singing “I Will Follow,” a fitting song as these students will have a lot of choices of who and what to follow this year.

Students took the lead in this event, but invited Mrs. Branderhorst (high school Spanish teacher) to read from Philippians. They closed their time together gathered in prayer and holding hands; all different kids with different ideas, interests and goals, but all united in Christ, committing their Senior year to God.

Other “Senior Sunrise” events happened around Visalia on that morning, but none were like the Spirit-led and meaningful experience which occurred in that small space, in a large stadium, surrounded by the rays of the sun and warmth of their school.

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