Bringing School Spirit Home: Homecoming 2014

Homecoming and Spirit Week have been happening since 1983 at the Central Valley Christian High School. The week includes dressing up each day, voting for the homecoming court, participating in games between classes, and at the end, the football game. Every year students look forward to this event in order to take a break from the normal school routine.

The week begins with students dressing up in different costumes for each day of the week. This year the overall theme was “verses”. For example, one day was “heroes vs. villains” and another “nerds vs. jocks”.

The schedule is also changed into block scheduling, so the students have four classes a day instead of eight. This allows there to be more time right before lunch to have a game. This year the two games were Capture the Flag and a relay race.

The Associated Student Body (ASB) plans all of these events. The students involved in ASB are assigned a specific task for homecoming week. There are a variety of committees that take care of these tasks. For example, they might have to get the flowers for the homecoming queen and king or cover games, while the student body president makes sure all of the tasks are completed. A lot of work goes into making this happen to ensure a positive outcome.

Near the end of the week, the homecoming court is asked questions as students prepare to vote for their kind and queen. Questions include “What is your favorite song?” or “ What is your most embarrassing moment?”

Court this year included:

Freshmen: Rylie Mayo and Grant TeVelde
Sophomores: Trinity Clagg and Jimi Valov
Junior: Shani Slabber and Clayton Smith

Senior Court:

Katelyn Vander Tuig and Colton TeVelde
Kari Van Hofwegen and Sebastian Elsenbrook
Veronica Nederend and Hunter Knevelbaard
Lindsay Calvin and Tate Nelson

The court is presented at the game and the king and queen are announced. This year’s king and queen were Lindsey Calvin and Hunter Knevelbaard. Lindsey says,

“I didn’t really think about becoming queen, but it was fun to be princess, when it was announced I was excited and surprised, this year’s court is awesome, but I would have been just as excited for any of the other members of the court if they were in my place.”

The game was against Exeter High, and CVC won 42 to 15. The week was an overall success and exciting for everyone involved.

Homecoming is important to the students and for the school because it allows students to be unified and work together in the different events, whether it be in games, making signs for the court, or choreographing a dance for the lip sync competition.

“Homecoming also allows us to keep connections with alumni and keep personal relationships and recognize how they impact the school now,” says Lindsey Calvin, homecoming queen.

The week also lets students be “united for a cause behind something that is fun, it allows a student to get out of their shell and have school be fun,” states Mr. Byrd, high school math and physics teacher, as well as ASB coordinator.

Megan Borges said homecoming was a “great way to kick off our senior year and I am so proud of the football team for their hard work.”

Senior Anna Leyendekker also stated, “I like how more people got involved and dressed up this year than in previous years.”

The weeklong event is also important in fulfilling our school’s mission statement. One part of the mission statement is “Cultivating responsible Christian adults”. This can be seen during the week when students must take initiative and plan a dance for lip sync that is appropriate and that maintains the school’s values, as well as work with each other in a Christ-like manner.

Another way that the mission statement is seen in this time is in the ASB. The statement is “Valuing academic excellence”. This may not be thought of during this week, but Mr. Byrd says,

“From what I see in ASB, those involved in ASB learn a lot from leadership, learn how to delegate and can learn how to work together.”

Homecoming week is an outrageously busy week. Through the chaos, and sometimes confusion, people are seen working together and having fun. It gives an opportunity for students to express themselves beyond regular schoolwork and show other aspects of creativity. This tradition allows CVC to unite as a whole – between the upper- and under-classmen, while providing fun and lasting memories for years to come.

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