Grandparents Day: A Celebration of Faithfulness

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by Lindsey Calvin, Class of 2015

At 12:15 PM on Friday, CVC’s Elementary campus was filled not with the sound of children enjoying recess, but the delighted chatter of grandparents arriving on campus to spend the afternoon with their grandchildren.

Grandparents’ Day, a yearly event that celebrates the relationship between school, student, and grandparent, kicked off early on Friday afternoon and lasted well into the evening. Packed with programs and activities, this traditional day once again reminded CVC’s community of the amazing love and support surrounding it.

First on the lineup was a program featuring the K-4 students. An estimated 700 friends and family members packed into the gym – an incredible number that speaks to CVC’s widening community influence.

The students recited scripture and sang a number of songs; the amazing power of fellowship and God’s love palpable in the atmosphere. When asked about the event causing the arrival hundreds of relatives to Tulare Avenue, Mr. Len Fakkema, Elementary school principal, said

“I certainly loved it! I had goose bumps and tears when our students sang the various songs, but especially “Great is Thy Faithfulness”.

Great is Thy Faithfulness indeed, as this was the year CVC celebrated 35 years of life. For 35 years our school has experienced God’s wonderful faithfulness, in the times of prosperity as well as in the times of trial.

Following the program, the grandparents were invited to both the K-6 classrooms and to the long-awaited mural unveiling. A project that demonstrated how the hand God has worked throughout these past three and a half decades, the finished mural involved stunning detail and the continued theme of faithfulness.

Back in the classroom, grandparents had the opportunity to step into their grandchild’s world and participate in special activities. Several teachers said that this was their favorite part – seeing relatives from other states or even countries interact personally with the students.

Overall, Grandparent’s Day is a unique experience combining family, school, and faith. The overall hope, besides that of community connection, is simply for more supporters in prayer.

There is always a need for prayer – prayer for our teachers to remember they are instructing His children, prayer for the parents considering sending their child to CVC, prayer for the current students that they would act in a manner worthy of the calling. Prayer requesting that, above all, God’s will be done, and that we never forget that he is unconditionally faithful.


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