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6 Questions to ask your high school son

Or the favorite: “I dunno.”
Tired of getting mono-syllabic answers in conversation with your son (or daughter)? Maybe it’s time to start asking different questions.
Instead of “Did you learn anything today?”, try “What did you learn about today?”
Instead of “How are you?”, ask “Who did you eat lunch with today?”
Instead of “What did you do today?”, try “Who did you help today?”

Better yet, get into some deeper questions:

-If you have more resources than other people, should you assume more responsibility?
-What is the difference between caring for yourself or being selfish?
-If you do something good because you think you will be rewarded, does it count?

The more we challenge our children in their answers, the more they’ll think about their answers and develop skills to have conversations that matter and make a difference. By challenging them in the way they live their lives, the more they’ll understand that actions have consequences, and something that is done without recognition is a mark of true character.

May all your future conversations be two-sided!

Is there a question that struck a chord with you? Do you want your children to be challenged every day, both at home and at school? Inquire today! | 559-734-2684

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