Future of Libraries

by Dorinda Koelewyn, CVC Middle School and High School media specialist

What is the future of libraries?

I’m being asked that question more and more, so I think you may like to hear what I see, as it pertains to CVC.

First, we are seeing changes in the high school library. About the same number of books are being checked out but I see, and students tell me, they are reading e-books, mainly on their phones. This tells me that more students are reading because of easy access to books. Our library assists by offering e-books through our online catalog. Research shows that this trend will continue, with patrons wanting both paper and electronic books.

Another change for the future is the reference section, that part of the library filled with large sets of dusty books, past issues of magazines, and everything else needed for good research. The reference section is disappearing, but don’t worry, it’s all going online through databases. The information isn’t lost; it’s just there in a different format.

There is also good news about the vacant space formerly occupied by the reference section. Many school libraries are creating Maker Spaces – a place for students to create, play, remix and share. This helps hone their problem-solving, collaboration, communication and creative skills. Activities such as building robots, creating podcasts, video editing and 3D printing, will soon be found in our library.

There is no doubt in my mind that libraries are here for the long haul. Stimulating conversations and research will keep our library as relevant as possible for the many students and teachers who depend on libraries for the tools they need.

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