We are glad you stopped by to see how you could donate to the Central Valley Christian School Endowment through the Barnabas® Foundation.  The Barnabas Foundation provides estate planning, planned giving resources, and stewardship education for Christians throughout the United States.

The Central Valley Christian School Foundation, more commonly known as the Central Valley Christian School Endowment Foundation, was founded in 1990. The Policy and the Procedure Guidelines were drawn up in November of 1990, which lays out the purpose of the foundation and how the foundation is to be run and monitored. The Foundation also operates under a set of by-laws. These by-laws can only be amended by the Central Valley Christian School’s Board of Directors. As stated in the Policy and Procedure Guidelines the major task and purpose are as follows:

Major Task: Develop, promote, and administer, in cooperation with the Board of Directors of the school, The Central Valley Christian School Foundation.

Purpose: It is the purpose of the Foundation to offer all friends of Central Valley Christian School through information and assistance in estate and financial planning, an opportunity by way of the Foundation to support Central Valley Christian Schools beyond their lifetime through bequests, gifts of cash, securities, life insurance, pension plans, and real property, and through funding of gift agreements, trusts, and other types of income agreements.

The foundation will seek the use of professional legal and financial counseling in regards to the receiving and managing of Foundation funds. It will also utilize for itself and encourage the use of the Barnabas Foundation by prospective donors. We are members of the Barnabas Foundations and pay annual dues to have access to their services. Please utilize the link we have provided for the Barnabas Foundation to find out more about them and how they can be of service to you.

Mr. Larry Baker
Central Valley Christian Schools

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