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Our teachers have championed whatever version of education had to happen since COVID-19 struck the US–whether it was distance, hybrid or safety-protocols-laden in-person, they have been at the forefront, making sure CVC is still partnering with families to give their children the best possible Christian education.

Read on for Mrs. Lyzenga’s (4th grade CVC teacher) favorite lesson from the spring of 2020:

I sent my students a “Flat Mrs. Lyzenga”–a piece of paper with a cartoon version of me. I made it a friendly letter-writing assignment. The students were told to take Flat Mrs. Lyzenga around: to their favorite spot, doing their favorite activity–just take The students were then instructed to write me a friendly letter explaining what “we” were doing. 

I received all sorts of letters explaining everything from fixing sprinklers, mowing the grass, playing in a fort, jumping on the trampoline, to rope swinging and more. It was a blast to read all of them. I feel like I was able to get to know the kids a little differently than ever before. I know Grandt’s favorite milkshake is the shamrock shake, and he likes to drink it on his trampoline. I learned that Jacob has a rope swing by his house and he likes to ride his bike there. I learned Allison is getting a new pool. These are things I wouldn’t have necessarily known about them, but I am honored to be able to hear a little more about their story. I hope it encourages my students to keep writing letters to others to stay in touch, too!

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