News Release: CVC Granted Dual Accreditation

Visalia, Calif.—On Friday, July 15, 2016, Central Valley Christian Schools was granted dual accreditation across all three campuses from both Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) and Christian Schools International (CSI). The visiting team, composed of members from both accrediting agencies, were on site this past April to interview faculty, staff, students, and parents and complete a thorough review and examination. The CSI and WASC commissions met separately in June to decide on accreditation status, based on the visiting team’s recommendation.

Previously, CVC was already accredited—the high school was accredited by WASC and the K-8 schools were accredited by CSI. This year, however, for the first time, CVC’s Kindergarten through 12th grades are accredited by both WASC and CSI. Ordinarily, when a school is accredited by WASC for the first time (our high school had an accreditation history with WASC but our K-12 as a whole did not), they are given a six-year accreditation with two mid-cycle visits. CVC was granted a six-year that could include annual reports and visits. The WASC commission was pleased to reward CVC with 6 years of accreditation that will include only a 1-day mid-cycle visit after the third year.

“I’m thankful for all who help to make Central Valley Christian Schools who we are, from school board members to administration, teachers, support staff, bus drivers and custodians,” said Larry Baker, CVCS Superintendent, in a note to the staff and school board. “The visiting team and the commissions were impressed with us and confident that we will continue to raise the bar on student achievement. I thank God for the opportunity to work here and with you. I trust that he will continue to lead and direct us in becoming a school that serves God and our families well.”

In order to keep up momentum in academics and achievement, CVC elected to complete a dual accreditation process for the entire school. WASC accreditation, which previously accredited the high school, is recognized by state schools and national colleges and verifies academic rigor and high standards. CSI accreditation, which originally covered the K-8 grades, is an all-encompassing tool for the school to confirm achievement of the mission-based goals they’ve put in place.

Having been tested and accredited by two agencies, CVC has proven that the caliber of its programs is academically competitive and holistically mission-driven.


Central Valley Christian School is a dually-accredited, pre-K through 12th grade Christian school offering excellent education through a distinctively Christian worldview.  We are committed to serving families in the Central Valley by providing education that challenges students both academically and spiritually. Learn more at


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