Alumni Spotlight: Colby (Mouw) Johnson ’08

B.S. Math Education (Texas Christian University)

Title: CVC High School Math Teacher
Colby and her husband, Jake, currently reside in Tulare, California.

Looking back…

What is one of your favorite memories from your time at CVC?
There are so many! My favorite memories came from being involved in different teams and events at CVC – whether it was volleyball, ASB, the play/musicals, ASAPH, etc. Going all out cheering for our sports teams was always a blast, and dressing up for Homecoming week was my jam. One year a few friends and I were the Cool Runnings team, complete with a painted cardboard bobsled, and Sanka’s lucky egg!

What impact did CVC have in your walk as Christian?
Being surrounded by Christian teachers, administration, and peers, and being taught in the truth, gave me a strong foundation that helped me choose the right path in college, where I came to claim and live my faith out as my own.

How do you feel CVC helped to prepare you academically for life after high school?
I didn’t feel like I was drowning in college. Yes, there was a lot of work and studying to be done, but my rigorous workload at CVC had pushed me to learn how to study, when to seek help, and how to work hard. 

To the future…

Would you recommend CVC to a friend?
Yes! I cannot speak more highly of my entire student experience at CVC, from kindergarten on up to high school graduation, and am now enjoying the teaching side of our school as well. Our low student to teacher ratio is a huge bonus, as students are able to get more individual attention and assistance than they would at a larger school.

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