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New people, routines, social settings and academic environments are hard (as any middle school student can tell you) so at CVC, we do our best to give everyone an easy way in.

Back to School Night, an annual event for new and returning parents alike, provides a place for community and connection.

In the elementary school, parents sit in their students’ desk to see the classroom and hear from their child’s teacher about classroom procedures, rules, homework and schedules.

“Parents loved the fact that each teacher took the time to let them know who they were on a personal level,” said Elementary Principal Len Fakkema.

Additionally, parents hear about volunteer opportunities within the classroom, or through library, recess or other activities.

It’s that commitment to personal relationship that continues to the middle- and high school level.

“It is very helpful for parents to meet and hear from the teachers,” said Middle School Principal Doug VanderSchaaf. Returning parent Helene Oliver agrees:

“Back to school night provides that initial bridge or set up between school, parent, and child from which the rest of the year can build upon.”

The Olivers, long-time CVC parents, had a few years off before returning back this year as “parents” to Marlene, a German exchange student in the high school.

At the high school, the night begins in the chapel, where all the teachers stand shoulder to shoulder across the stage for introductions.

“With that picture of teachers and parents gathered together, a prayer is offered for the students. I think that is a powerful picture,” said Principal Larry Baker.

Parents then visit different classroom to learn about the disciplines and how teachers approach each subject from a Christian perspective.

“Not only is the academic game plan laid out at back to school night, but more importantly the Christ-centered education that CVC has and continues to provide so well,” said Helene Oliver.

Thank you teachers for your hours of hard work preparing for this school year and thank you parents for partnering with us in Christian education!




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