Capital Campaign

If you visited our HS Art and Shop classes, you would observe excellent instruction and learning taking place in very poor and over-crowded  facilities. Please consider a generous donation to help our dream become a reality and give these students and teachers the conditions that would help their programs flourish.

New Building for Ag, Shop and Art

This year, we are working to secure pledges and donations totaling $4 million in order to begin construction on a much-needed, exciting addition to our high school campus: an Ag/Shop/Art building, to be built just south of the high school baseball diamond.

Our current art/shop building was built in the beginning of CVC’s history–more than 35 years ago. With the new building, we will have room enough for both an extensive high school art classroom as well as a dedicated graphic art and middle school art classroom. In addition, three kiln areas (two electric, one gas) will be set up for sculpture projects.

FFA and agriculture classes were added in 2016; participation in the program and classes has grown tremendously since its introduction. Included in this project will be a floral cooler, a lab for ag science, and a classroom for other agriculture classes.

Industrial art / shop classes will now have a welding shop, wood shop, a classroom, and a covered metal storage area. The shop area will be able to move into larger quarters, and continue to train up the next generation to create and fix, weld and maintain.

We hope to raise the remaining funds necessary to begin our building project.

Fall Drive: Pledges: Capital: Total:
$600,000 $300,000 $2,100,000 $3,000,000

Donations received to date:

Received so far

Award winning programs in cramped spaces:

Programs in Cramped Spaces
A man working on machine
Carving on Plywood
Students in Art Class
Winner of Cramped Space Program
Students doing painting

For the 2019-20 school year, we have 48% of our hs students in art classes, and 55% of our students in FFA/Ag classes!

Architect renderings of proposed building:


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