The Arts

Arts & Expression

At CVC, we recognize the importance of developing creative skills in our students. All ages can explore and discover the world God has made and the talents he has given through artistic expression in various forms. Our teachers are passionate about their subjects and encourage students to find ways to use their creative gifts in the community around them.


Visual Arts

All K-8 students experience weekly art instruction, while high school students have the opportunity to take their pick of four art classes.

Performing Arts

Younger grades perform various programs, include CSI’s Fine Arts Festival, while middle and high school students participate in plays and musicals.


Students in K-6 receive weekly music instruction, while middle and high school students can elect to participate in five various choral groups.

Industrial Arts

Intro to Shop, Wood Shop, Metal Shop and Custom Fabrication classes enable high school students to develop hands-on skills and learn safety precautions.


Available to students in 5th-12th grades, music instruction is provided at no extra charge to students who have their own brass, woodwind or percussion instrument.

Graphic Arts

High school students are able to take Graphic Design and Video Production to learn concepts and skills through real-world projects.


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