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CavComm App

CVC's Primary Communication Tool

CavComm is Central Valley Christian’s app for families to subscribe to specific groups and receive relevant notifications for their families, from pre-K all the way up through HS. This app will be used by CVC to contact all families about fog alerts and other schoolwide communications. Download it today in the Play Store or App Store–for Android and Apple.

CavComm for iPhone

CavComm for Android

Getting Started with CavComm:



CVC's Family Portal

CavFACTS is Central Valley Christian’s latest app for our families to view student schedules, grades, and pay tuition and other fees, all through an app. Download it today in the Play Store or App Store–for Android and Apple.

CavFACTS for Apple

CavFACTS for Android

Getting Started with CavFACTS:


GoGuardian Parent is an application available on iOS and Android devices that enables schools to share managed user history with verified parents and guardians. It provides Parents and Guardians with the ability to pause their children’s internet, block specific websites, and schedule internet availability on managed devices. 

Why use GoGuardian?

CVC uses GoGuardian filtering software on the school-issued Chromebooks, and GoGuardian Parent is a smartphone app that will allow you to be aware of your child’s browsing history and provide additional controls during out-of-school hours. Through the use of this app, we hope to encourage more open and honest conversations between parents and children that will result in safer practices and responsible browsing habits. For a complete list of features, click here.

Note that managing website blocks or internet pause with the app is limited to out-of-school hours, which are currently 3pm-8am on weekdays and all weekend. During in-school hours (from 8am-3pm on weekdays) any websites blocked by the parent app will not apply.

How do I start?

Download GoGuardian Parent for iPhone or Android.  After the app is successfully downloaded and installed, open it up and enter the email address you have registered with CVC in FACTS.  Then follow these steps.


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