Alumni Spotlight: Richard Westra ’96

B.S. Dairy Science (Cal Poly)

Title: Dairy Farmer

Richard and wife Donna currently reside in Tulare.  Donna taught kindergarten at CVC from 2000-2003.  They have six girls – four attending CVC currently, and one entering kindergarten in the fall of 2015.

Looking back…

What is one of your favorite memories from your time at CVC?
CVC was a good school to go to, and wood shop was always the most enjoyable.  I do not think it was because of the projects, but the teacher.  Mr. Liles was a man with a big heart and he was always looking out for the boy or girl who was slipping through the cracks.  He did not want anyone to fail, and looking back, I would say he was a picture of Christ.  Mr. Liles always hoped that we would make the right decision.  It was men and women like him that made CVC what it was and is.

What impact did CVC have on your walk as Christian?
It has been a pleasure to be back into the CVC school society again, with children growing up and being taught by teachers with that same Christ-like characteristic.  While at CVC, I did not always appreciate my teachers, and now I see and appreciate more fully the Godly examples I had from Christian teachers, some of whom are still there today, influencing children on a daily basis.  These teachers have options for their careers, and they choose to teach my children from a Christian perspective, knowing that God influences every aspect of our lives.

To the future…

Would you recommend CVC to a friend?
I am very thankful for my years at CVC, and I would recommend CVC to any Christian parent who would like to help their child to both learn and develop a Christian worldview where Christ is at the center.  The church, home, and school relationship is very important to Donna and I as we raise our daughters.


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