Alumni Spotlight: Michael Ballou ’99

BS in Animal Biology (UC Davis, 2002)
Ph.D. in Nutritional Immunology (UC Davis, 2007)

Title: Split Appointment at Texas Tech University: 50% Associate Professor in Department of Animal and Food Sciences and 50% Associate Dean for Research in College of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources

Michael married Jacqueline (Bos; who attended Covenant Christian High School in Demotte Indiana) in 2013 and has a 6-month-old daughter, Addison Beth.

They currently reside in Lubbock, Texas

Looking back…

What is one of your favorite memories from your time at CVC?
I developed life-long friendships; there are too many great memories to single any one out!

How has CVC helped to shape you?
I was at CVC from K through 12th grade. The Christian education and interactions with the other students and faculty built upon the foundation that my family instilled. 

What impact did CVC have in your walk as Christian?
CVC gave me a great foundation: anytime my faith was tested as an adult, it was strengthened. 

How do you feel CVC helped to prepare you academically for life after high school?
I took every class I could at CVC at the time and it prepared me well for rigors of university academics. I do remember the first calculus exam I took as an undergrad I received a 44%. I thought I had failed, but once I found out the average on the test was a 31% I knew I would be okay, and I ended up graduating with my BS in 3 years.

To the future…

Would you recommend CVC to a friend?  Yes, you cannot match the community of students, faculty, and families that make up CVC. Academics are solid, biblical truths are taught, and it is a lot of fun. 

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