Alumni Spotlight: Kayla Stock ’13

A.A. Visual Communication
UCLA for Interior Design Certification

 Graphic and Interior Designer

Kayla graduated from FIDM in 2015 and currently resides in Pasadena, California.
Looking back…

How has CVC helped to shape you?
CVC shaped me as a person in so many ways, but the art department at CVC was what really gave me passion to pursue my love of design and art. Specifically the Graphic Design classes taught by Kevin Langmaack gave me a huge edge in college and got me started on my path to becoming a designer. Mr. Langmaack was the best instructor and I am so blessed to have had him as an art teacher throughout high school. His passion for art and graphic design was such an inspiration to me, and he always encouraged me to take my skills to the next level, which I appreciate to this day. Many of the teachers I had at CVC were passionate about the subjects they taught which made my high school experience all around very enjoyable.

What impact did CVC have on your walk as Christian?
At CVC God was made apart of my everyday life, which has shaped my everyday life after high school now. Having devotions daily and chapel weekly guided me and shaped me into the strong Christian I am today. It’s no secret that high school can be challenging. I was encouraged in my walk of faith during hard times at school by teachers and friends.

How do you feel CVC helped to prepare you academically for life after high school?
As mentioned previously, the art department at CVC truly helped me achieve what I needed to learn in order to be accepted to the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Daily, I use the knowledge I gained in my math, history, and english classes. Not only have I used the knowledge from my required classes at CVC, the electives I took during high school has helped me a lot in my field as a designer.  All of the Art and Shop electives I took at CVC were incredibly helpful to me in getting my basic fundamental skills down. I only took one elective shop class at CVC but, I learned so much of the basics of wood and metal work that when it came to building furniture in my major at FIDM, having the previous knowledge from that class helped me a ton.
To the future…

Would you recommend CVC to a friend?
Absolutely! I think sending my brother and I to CVC was the best decision my parents ever made for us. I couldn’t imagine my life without the life long friends I made at CVC and the Christian values I gained while going to school there (since 2nd grade). I will always cherish my time at CVC and look fondly upon the memories and education I received.

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