Cavalier Feature: Who’s Behind the Mask?

A Guide to Our Newest Staff Members

Name: Brittany Pires
1st grade teacher

Hometown: Exeter, California

Degree: Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts from Fresno Pacific and finishing my Masters in Education presently. 

Before CVC (what were you up to?): Teaching Preschool at a Christian preschool in Tulare.

About CVC (what are you most excited about at CVC?):  Building those key, Christ centered relationships and having the opportunity to spread His word and hopefully support my students spiritual and academic growth.

Ideal Breakfast: My grandma’s homemade french toast!

Sara Jayne Blauw
2nd grade teacher

Hometown: Grand Rapids, Michigan

Degree: Early Childhood Education, Covenant College

Before CVC: I was studying at Covenant College in Lookout Mountain, Georgia…This is my first teaching job ever!

About CVC: I am so excited to be in a close-knit Christian community!

Ideal Breakfast: Can’t go wrong with eggs, bacon, and hash browns! 

Christine Scott
3rd grade teacher

Hometown: Visalia, California

Degree: Bachelor of Arts Special Education with a dual credential

Before CVC (what were you up to?): I was working with Tulare City Schools as a special education teacher, teaching day class.

About CVC (what are you most excited about at CVC?): I am most excited about the community here. I love that everyone is really working together to raise these students to know who Christ is.  

Ideal Breakfast: Eggs benedict!


Reanna Bergman

Part-time High School Algebra and Physical Science Teacher

Hometown: Hanford, California

Degree: BA in Elementary Education, Middle School Endorsement, Art Minor, Dordt College

Before CVC: CVC. I taught Middle School Math for 4 years here at CVC. I gave that position up when my husband, Brian and I had our first child, Thea, who is now a Freshman. I thought this year would be a perfect time to get back into the classroom (seemed like a good idea in February).

About CVC: My favorite part of being in the classroom has always been the “a-ha moment”–when a student’s eyes light up because they understand a concept that had previously escaped them. The staff here at CVC is fantastic, and I am really excited about working alongside them.

Ideal Breakfast: I make a pretty mean omelet. While I was “just a stay-at-home-mom” I got into the habit of making one after I had dropped everyone off at school.  I would grab the newspaper, and read through it all, while drinking a cup of coffee that hasn’t had to be microwaved. 

Heather Corrales

High School Spanish Teacher

Hometown: Visalia, Ca.

Degree: Contemporary Christian Ministry and Spanish, Fresno Pacific University

Before CVC: I helped start and run a discipleship school for young adults that ran for 18 years here in our Central Valley.  We focused on equipping young people to know God, to know their identity in Him, and to help make Him known in the world around us. My husband and kids and I have also been leading teams on outreach for many years in Mexico and Dominican Republic. I love Latin America and being a part of God’s global church.

About CVC: I am most looking forward to getting to know my students and our CVC staff, and discovering what God has for all of us together in this part of our story with Him.  I hope to be a part of us understanding God’s heart and great love that He has for us as individuals and for the whole world.

Ideal Breakfast: mmmm…. Eggs Benedict or over-medium eggs, bacon, papaya, and fresh coffee.

Kelsey de Jong

High School Agriculture Education Teacher

Hometown: Hanford, California

Degree: B.A. Liberal Arts, Designated Subject Degree:Agriculture; M.A.Education

Before CVC: Prior to CVC, I was teaching at Orosi High School. 

About CVC:  I am looking forward to encouraging students in their love of agriculture.

Ideal breakfast: Saturday morning eggs and sausage–made by Jason, my husband. 


Hey, I know them!

Tracy VanderHelm

3rd grade teacher (second reprise)








Shane Marshall
Baseball coach → distance learning advocate for 9-12th grades








Jen Kostelyk
Former CVC librarian + 4th grade teacher → distance learning advocate for 4th-8th grades








Shannon Bothof

Long-term substitute teacher → distance learning advocate for Kindergarten-3rd grades








Please also join us in thanking our retiring board members (Robyn Boertje, Gary Bosma, Phil Heynen, Aaron Van Dyk and Kelly Verdegaal) and praying for those stepping onto the board (Jillian Bos, Don DeJonge, Alden Highstreet, Eric Westra, and George Wilgenburg).

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