Admissions FAQs

Q: Why should families consider applying to CVC?

A: The most common reasons families apply at CVC include:

  1. Our Christian mission
  2. Our excellent education
  3. Our welcoming and supportive community


Q: What does CVC expect of families who apply?

A: Our expectations include:

  1. A Christian home environment that demonstrates biblical principles, including regular church attendance
  2. Integrity and transparency throughout the admissions process and beyond


Q: What if a family doesn’t have a church home or is not attending church regularly? Must CVC families attend a specific church?

A: We believe that a child’s training is strengthened when the parent’s goals for the child are reinforced at school and are also supported by a church community. Our position on church attendance is non-negotiable; an applying family must demonstrate church attendance prior to the New Family Interview. Fun fact! Nearly 80 churches are represented on our campus.


Q: Are there occasions when a family is not approved for acceptance? If so, why?

A: Not all families who apply for enrollment are accepted. The most common reasons for denying admission include:

  • a child has special academic needs that we are not equipped to meet.
  • the family is currently affiliated with a church in which the doctrines and beliefs are not compatible with that of Central Valley Christian Schools, such as Mormonism, Judaism, Jehovah’s Witness, Sikh, Scientology, and others.
  • a lifestyle or living arrangement inconsistent with CVC’s interpretation of Christian marriages, such as homosexual relationships or unmarried couples living in the same household.


Q: What are the steps of the admissions process?

A: The admissions process includes the following steps:

  1. Submit an admissions application online at
  2. Complete the online admissions checklist for each student, which includes: sending out an online teacher recommendation (1st-12th) and Pastor recommendation, uploading report cards & state testing results or transcripts (1st-12th), paying for & having the student complete an academic assessment.
  3. Parents/Guardians, along with any applying student 7th grade and up attend a New Family Interview hosted by a campus principal and a CVC board member.
  4. The principal will send a recommendation to the Executive Board, who will make the final decision regarding acceptance. The admissions office will notify the family of the decision within 1 week.


Q: Does CVC offer scholarships or grants?

A: We don’t award scholarships or grants, but we do have a needs-based sliding tuition scale, called Variable Tuition. This application is not available to families until they’ve submitted an admissions application. Learn more at under “Tuition & Fees”.


Q: Is there a waitpool policy?

A: Yes. CVC’s Kindergarten-8th grade classes with 3 sections will cap at 75 students per grade (25 per classroom) and grades with 4 sections will cap at 88 students for that grade.  High school currently caps at 100 students per grade. Both follow our waitpool policy.  


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