A Summer of Discovery

5 Ways to Fruitfully Fill Up Your Summer by Marissa Carpenter

Summertime means break time, right? A break from books, a break from learning, from homework, from research papers and reports. It can be if you want, we suppose—but if you’d much rather keep the momentum going, check out these great tools to stay the course for your son or daughter over summer!

1. Start a collection.
Coins. Bugs. Rocks. Stamps. Paperclips. Pressed flowers. Anything your child wants to begin collecting! Before you begin collecting, have them make a goal of what to do with these items at the end of the summer—make a display case? Determine the value? Research geology? Have a contender for the longest paper clip chain for the Guinness Book of World Records? It’s up to them! Chances are, you may start a life-long love for something that they can actively research and learn more about every day! Read more here.

2. Family Field Trip Time!
Make it a challenge—who can find the most mustaches in an art museum? Who can find the longest word at an aquarium or history museum? Or, create a scavenger hunt ahead of time, and give your child a clipboard, list, and a pen to fill in the blanks and find answers to questions. Here’s a comprehensive list of museums in the San Joaquin Valley!

3. Plant a garden.
Grow some seedlings, find a few pots, and get their own garden growing! Pro tip: plant zucchini, so they can reap the rewards and share it with their friends and neighbors. (Count me in for your zucchini cake delivery!) If you decide to use your kitchen scraps for starters, click here for some more information!

4. Get lost in a book.
Planning a “staycation?” There are so many exotic places your child can visit in their imagination! They need only to stop by your local public library to check out a few books. Click here to learn more about the Tulare County Library Branches.

5. Apps!
We know: Get outside. Go play. Find some mud, dirt, and sticks. But there are days when it’s hotter than hot outside (hello, Central Valley!) and you’d much rather chill inside. This is still a great time to be learning with a mobile app! Click here for a list. Our favorite? Duolingo, which offers free and fun language-learning for Spanish, German, French, even Turkish! “¡Buena Suerte!”

While the kids are busy collecting, reading, and planting, you can begin their application at Central Valley Christian School —now enrolling for Pre-K through 12th grade!

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