4 Tips for a Focused College Visit This Summer

Getting in the college mindset (or any type of school mindset) is hard over the summer—but investing some time now will certainly pay off later! Here’s a handful of tips to help you get a head start on higher education!

1. Go now!

There are only so many hours in a day, days in a week, months in a year, etc. (however much we try to convince ourselves otherwise). So, go while you can, in the summer, without the distraction of homework, organized sports, or papers and projects.

2. Take your time.

Because colleges are less busy during the summertime, you can take a little more time–spend a few days and get to know the different areas of campus and the surrounding neighborhood/city. Do keep in mind that there will be much more hustle-and-bustle when school is in session. (That sleepy hole-in-the-wall pizza joint is probably already well-known, and your favorite new reading nook might be louder when fall rolls around.)

3. Get special attention.

Summertime college visits and tours are typically less full, so this is your opportunity to get all your questions answered and even visit with any available professors, departments, teams, or clubs!

4. Come prepared.

After your junior year, you should have your grades and your test scores in hand. This will help you in any meetings you have with the financial and admissions office to see what your possible costs will be, and what kind of courses you’re most interested in!


Colleges have very specific requirements for acceptance and pre-requisites for certain majors—are you certain you have everything mapped out for your future? Our Director of College and Guidance Counseling, Lori Reeves, spends time with each high school student at CVC to outline a post-graduation plan customized to them. At Central Valley Christian School, we’re dedicated to you and your child, every step of the way. Enroll at CVC to help your student gain a deeper understanding of God’s world and their place in it!

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